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This will be in France's POV.. Got a problem with it, then don't read. Simple.

I was walking down the streets of Paris, coming from another World Meeting. My neck was sore from Arthur, from choking me. I rub my neck a few times. I don't exactly understand why he would choke me so often. I mean, I only say my opinions. I do have the right to. But you know what they say: A child will harm someone to show that they love them. So, maybe Arthur just has some feelings for me~

As I passed the Eiffel Tower, I could hear a soft whimpering. I stopped dead in my tracks, knowing that someone needed help. I looked around. "Bonjour? Is someone here that needs help?" 

Still hearing a whimpering, I started walking towards it. I noticed it was behind a bush, so I walked over to it. I looked down at the bush, moving it around. After a bit of searching, I saw a petite fille. She was wearing a long, [f/c] hoodie as a dress. Her [h/l] [h/c] locks was sticking out from the hood. I bent down and picked her up. She looked at me with her wide [e/c] orbs.

She was very dirty, and it looked like she was starved as well. I felt really bad for her. I was about to say something, until she said something first.

"Mama? Are you my mama?" She was so innocent! Her voice was so soft, and her eyes just made it even harder for me to say no. I nod my head.

"Yes, ma petite fleur. I'm your mama." I held her close to my body. I couldn't say no to her. It would have broke my heart if I did. I look down at her. "And you know, since mama is very old, her memory isn't all that good. Could you tell me your name?"

She giggled, and nodded. "Mama, I'm [first name] [last name]! I thought you left me out here by myself because I was weird!" She hugged me tightly, nuzzling her head into my chest.

Weird? What did she mean by weird? Then I noticed...

This girl had small cat ears and tail that matched her [h/c] hair. She was a neko child. 

I hugged her back. "Now why would I think that? You're just as pretty as mama~ I wouldn't think you're weird. Now come on, lets go home. I just moved to a new house, and I got you a new room, as well as new clothing!" I heard a small squeal of delight come from [y/n] which just melted my heart.

After about a ten minute walk, I finally reached my home. [y/n] had fallen asleep in my arms, which just made her a lot more mignon! I took off my shoes, and walked over to the couch. I sat down on it, still holding the small neko child in my arms. I brush out some of her [h/c] out of her face. I still wonder who would be so heartless to give up a child because of a few extra accessories. 

[y/n] started to stir. Her eyelids slowly opened, revealing her [e/c] eyes. "Mama... Are we home?" She asked, sleepily.

I smiled, and nodded. "Yes ma petite fleur. We're home. Just stay here, and I'll get a bath ready." I put her on the couch, and stood up. I started to walk to the bathroom, only to hear a sob. I turned to [y/n], a sad look on my face. "What's wrong?"

"Don't leave me again, mama! Can I please come with you?" She asked, rubbing her eyes. I could tell she was trying to stop the tears. Matthew used to do it when he was her size.

Seeing [y/n] almost start to cry broke my heart. I rushed over to her, and picked her up. "Of course, my bébé. You can come with me! I promise I won't leave you." She nuzzled her head into my chest. I pet her [h/c] as I walked to the bathroom.

When I reached the bathroom, she fell asleep in my arms again. I whisper quietly. "My belle ange." I set her on the top of the counter, and grabbed a cloth. I could give her a proper bath in the morning.

I grabbed a blue facecloth, and wet it under the warm water from the tap. I gently scrub off the dirt from her face, arms, and legs. When I finished, the cloth was dirtied by the dirt, but I didn't really mind. That's what facecloths are for. I picked up [y/n] once more. Her tail swished back and forth happily. I turned around, and walked out of the bathroom. 

With her small hand, she took a bit of my blue uniform, and held it in her fist. She made a soft purring sound. It was probably the cutest sound I ever heard. I walked down the long hallway, until I entered a guest bedroom. Usually, the guest bedrooms are used for my lady friends, but today, and maybe for a while, was going to be an exception. I walk over to the bed, and set [y/n] down. She looked so petite on the big bed. 

When I was about to leave the bedroom, I heard the small neko child sob. "Mama, can you sleep with me? I don't want you to leave me.."

"Of course I can, my belle." I walked over to the bedside, and climbed in. I put the covers over us, and [y/n] snuggled into my side, quickly falling asleep. I close my eyes, and mumble. "Bonsoir, ma petite fleur." After that, I fell asleep as well.

"Kesesese~ I know Francey pants likes the younger girls... But this is a bit too extreme~" A recognizably voice came into my earshot. I open my eyes, and sit up, to see my two friends, Gilbert and Antonio.

I rubbed my eyes, and looked over at [y/n], who was still sleeping like an angel. I looked back at my two friends.

"She isn't a lady friend. I found her by herself yesterday. She thinks I'm her maman." I told them, glancing over [y/n]. "Yesterday, she said that I left her, because she was weird. She is a neko child. But I don't find it that strange." I felt a hand go onto my shoulder, and I look over. The hand belonged to my Spanish friend, Antonio.

He smiled warmly. "I always knew you were going to be a mother~"

I rolled my eyes, shoving his hand off my shoulder. I could feel movement on the bed. [y/n] was waking up.

"Mama.. Who are they?" A sleepy [h/c] haired neko child asked.

"Oh, them?" I gestured over to my friends, looking at [y/n]. Seeing her nod, I smiled. "Well, these are your oncles... Gilbert and Antonio." I told her, pointing to each one.

Gilbert put his hands on his waist. "But you can call me your awesome Uncle Prussia~"

Antonio went to pick up [y/n], and hugged her tightly. "Aww~ She reminds me off Lovi when he was her size~"

"Mama! Help me! These people are weird!" [y/n] screamed, holding her hands out to me. I grab her, rocking her back and forth, muttering a French lullaby as I did so. I looked up at Antonio and Gilbert.

"Really? Why did you have to scare her?" I scold them.

Gilbert just shrugged. "Come on, Francis... We came to get you to come hang out with us~ You should feel honoured that you'll be hanging out with someone as awesome as me!" He laughed.

Antonio nodded. "Yeah. We haven't hung out in a while, so we thought it would be fun!"

I shook my head, looking down at [y/n]. "Sorry, I can't hang out. I need to take care of ma petite fleur." I ran a hand through my blond hair. "Maybe another time."

Gilbert frowned. "Whatever... Be unawesome like that, then. See how much we care." He turned on his heels, and started walking out of the bedroom.

"Bye, [y/n]~ Bye Francis~" Antonio waved, then followed after Gilbert.

Once my two friends left, I stood up, looking down at [y/n]. "Now.. How about we clean you up, non? But first, lets get some fresh clothes." Still holding [y/n], I walked over to the closet. I now find that I have a reason to keep clothing in my guests room. I opened up a white drawer, and looked down. "Pick whatever one you want."

[y/n] smiled, as she looked down at the multiple coloured shirts. I figured she could just wear a long shirt as a dress until I can go shopping with her. She picked up a pink shirt, and nodded. "This one!"

I nodded. "Okay..." I studied it further. I then dropped it back inside the drawer, and laughed nervously. "Sorry, but you can't wear that one."


"Because... That's... Um... Mama's favourite shirt." After I heard a small 'ok', [y/n] dug threw the drawer once again. She pulled out a [f/c] plain t-shirt.

"This one!" She exclaimed happily. Studying the shirt, I nod. I approved of this one.. At least it wasn't frilly and lacey like the last one. I set it on my shoulder, and walk to the bathroom.

Once I reached there, I set [y/n] on the ground, and turn on the faucets, making sure the water wasn't too hot or too cold. When the bath was filled with about a quarter amount of water, I turned off the water.

"Come on, [y/n]. Time for your bath." I told her, looking over at the [h/c] haired neko.

She stood still, looking at the water. In the reflection, I could see a frown forming on her face.

"What's wrong, ma petite fleur?" I asked, a little bit concerned.

"There's no bubbles." She said flatly, moving the water with her small hand.

"Bulles? You want bubbles?" Seeing her nod, I smile. "You can have bubbles~" I stand up, and walk over to the counter under the sink. I opened it, and grabbed [favourite fruit scent] bubbles, and with the shampoo and conditioner that came with it. I bought it a while ago, when i was feeling stressed. The bubbles were supposed to relieve me, but they did no such thing. I am glad I had a use for them now. I walk back over. "How about these?"

[y/n] looked at me, her [e/c] orbs wide. She nodded excitedly. "Those are perfect, mama!" She grabbed the bottle of bubbles out my hand, and unscrewed the cap. She started to pour some of the liquid into the water, until I pulled it away.

"Oh, non, non, non. Not too much now. We don't want too many bubbles now. The house would be flooded!" I smiled, hearing her giggle.

"Mama, you're so silly!" After that, she pulled off her [f/c] hoodie, and climbed into the bath. The bubbles were already started to form, and there was plenty of them. [y/n] splashed in the water, happily.

I put the bottle of bubbles down, and stood up. I heard a faint ringing in the other room. "Oh, mama needs to get that. I will be right back. Now don't hurt yourself, my belle ange." Seeing her nod, I walked out of the bathroom, and over to the phone.

The phone call was with Arthur. He heard about [y/n] and was giving me tips on how to raise a child. It was like he didn't trust me. I mean seriously, I raised Matthew with no problem! Look what happened to Alfred, and that was all Arthur's doing! But, I know he would have probably came over and fed my dear [y/n] some of his food if I hung up, so I listened patiently. After about a ten minute talk, I walked back into the bathroom, only to see the bathroom filled with bubbles.

"[y/n]? Where are you?" I asked nervously, walking over to bathtub, avoiding much as the bubbly mess as possible.

Reaching the tub, I could see two [h/c] coloured kitty ears, and a bit of a [h/c] coloured tail. I heard some giggling as well. I moved some bubbles, to see [y/n] with a big smile on her face.

"Look, mama! There's a lot of bubbles! Lots and lots of bubbles!" She exclaimed, giggling even harder now.

I blew some bubbles into her face. "Yes, sweetie. There certainly is."

I really hoped that this could become a daily thing. A small child who can be easily be happy by a bit of foamy air. It could make my life a bit brighter. And the kitty ears and tail would just make things a whole lot better~ Seeing she can be my little chaton. And maybe I should rethink about the bubbles. Maybe they do make me feel relieved... Maybe they do help with stress.

My chain of thoughts disappeared, by petite [y/n] blowing some of the [favourite fruit scent] bubbles into my face. "Bubbles, mama!"
My first countryxchild!reader.... So please don't kill me D:
I tried hard, I really did! I promise you that I tried hard!
Also, sorry if France seems OOC.. I can never get the characters right >.<
Why does reader-chan call France mama? Well, because I can see France being a mother, not a father.
And guess who didn't use google translate for the french? This girl~ *Feeling incredibly proud for no reason*
Anyways.. This was a request from :iconflyingpastakitty:
I do not own, Hetalia, or you.. You can choose if you belong to France, or the bubble monster in the tub.
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