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You have been sick with a rare disease for some time now. The doctors told you that you only had a week to live. But, you didn't want to be depressed for the last week of your life. You wanted to make it the best time of your life. And to start that out, you wanted to confess your true feelings to your best friend.... Japan, also known as Kiku Honda.

You were wearing a [f/c] kimono that Japan had given you a few years ago for your birthday. You promised him you wouldn't wear it unless it was for a special occasion. And what was more special than confessing your love?

You walked up to his door, knocking on it weakly. You put on your best smile, waiting patiently for your Japanese friend to open the door.

You saw the door open, seeing Japan standing there. He blinked a few times before saying anything.

"Hello [y/n]-san. Why are you wearing the kimono? I thought you said-"

You cut him off. "I know what I said, Kiku. And this is a special occasion. Could I please come in?"

"Yes. Of course." He opened the door more, and stepped to the side, letting you inside.

You walked inside, letting him lead you to the back room. Once you reached there, you look at him.

"Actually.. Can we go see the sakuras? I heard they are beautiful this time of year." You asked Japan, your voice getting a little scratchy.

"Of course, [y/n]-san. Just follow me." Kiku replied, taking your hand, walking out to the sakura field.

Once you reached the field, you sat under a tree. You looked around you. The pink flowers were breath taking. Once in a while, a few petals would fall off, and swirl in the light breeze. You smile, taking a few flower petals out of your [h/c] locks. Japan sat beside you.

"What did you want to talk about? And why would it be a special occasion?" He asked you, looking at you with his chocolate brown eyes. Those eyes could make you get lost in them, but today, you had too much on your mind.

"Uh.. Well..." You froze up. You were too scared to confess your feelings. Even though you only had a handful amount of time left. But maybe you could tell him later. "The carnival is in town, and I was wondering if you would like to go."

A look of confusion slipped into your Japanese friend's eyes, only to be quickly wiped away with a nod. "Not really a special occasion, but I don't see why not." He was about to stand up, but you grabbed onto his sleeve, keeping him down.

"Can we stay here for a bit? The flowers are really pretty~" You had a slight look of hope on your face. Maybe you would finally find the courage to tell him how you felt.

"Of course, [y/n]-san. I would love to." Kiku gave you one of his rare smiles; a one that made your heart melt. He sat beside you, staring down at his lap. "Could I tell you something, [y/n]-san?"

You smiled at him, letting out a soft giggle at his shyness. "Of course, Ja-"

He cut you off. "Remember, I told you to call me by my human name."

You laughed. "I remember! Of course, Kiku, you can tell me anything~"

"Well..." He started out slowly, the picked up his pace. "I'minlovewithyou."

You tilted your head slightly to the left, raising an eyebrow. You were pretty sure you heard right, but you wanted to make sure. "What did you say, Kiku? I didn't hear you."

Japan turned his head, so your [e/c] eyes were looking directly into his chocolate ones. "I'm in love with you, [y/n]-san."

Your face lit up with a big smile, and you hugged him tightly. "To tell you the truth, there is no carnival... I wanted to tell you the same thing~ I am so glad you said something~ And..." You pulled away, looking down at your lap, setting your hands on top of the [f/c] kimono. "I got another thing to tell you."

"Yes? What is-" That's all you could hear, before you black out.

~Two Days Later~
You slowly opened your eyes, seeing a blinding white light. Blinking a few times, your vision slowly got together. You realized you were in a white room, a whole bunch of machines around you. Some were connected to you, telling various things, like your heart rate, adrenaline level, blood level, etc.  Others were just laying around the room, like a tv, an air conditioner, and a heater. You could tell you were in a hospital room.

Japan was standing beside you, holding your left hand. His hair was a mess, and it looked like he haven't slept for days.

"K-Kiku? Is... Is that you?" Your voice was very hoarse and quiet. He looked at you, a slight smile on his face.

"Yes, [y/n]-san. It's me." Tears were brimming in his eyes. "And the doctors told me everything. Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

You gestured him to come closer, and he did. With your other hand, you wiped away his tears, smiling. "Because I refuse to be depressed, or anyone else, in my last week of living. I forbid it. I don't like crying and sadness. You know that."

Japan just nodded, placing a kiss on your pale forehead. "Yes. I know that. And I got good news, and bad news."

You still smiled. "What is it?"

"I can't have you leaving me without a goodbye present. So here.." He slipped a ring onto your finger. You lifted your hand to see it.

The gem was pink, and it was a circular pattern. It was a sakura flower. Your smile grew, as you pulled Japan into a big hug. "Thank you so much, Kiku~ I love it~"

He chuckled softly. "I thought you would. And the bad news is..." He choked out a sob. "Your expiration date is sooner.. The doctors are saying it's tonight."

You only took a tighter grip. "I am so sorry, Kiku. I don't want to leave, but the disease it stronger than me. I really don't want to go." You forced back tears, remembering the promise of not wanting to be depressed.

Japan pulled away, looking into your eyes. Instead of the bright [e/c] they used to be, now it's a duller shade. Your [s/c] skin was now pale. It was like the disease hated colour, and had to suck it all out. But your smile made everything seem a bit brighter. Just one of the reasons the Japanese man fell for you.

"Don't be sorry, [y/n]-san. I know you had nothing to do with this. This was none of your fault. I know that." He gave you another rare smile.

You gestured him closer once more, and so he came closer. "I got something to give you too." By the look of his face, you knew he was asking 'what'. Smiling, you put your face closer to his, and whispered to Kiku. "My first kiss." Saying that, you place your lips on his. You closed your eyes, seeing his face turn bright red.

~Japan's POV~
When she kissed me, I could feel my whole face heat up. Not only have I gave her a ring with her favourite flower, but also my first kiss. And I had taken hers. But the kiss only lasted a few seconds, until a heard a soft hum. I pull away, to see that the heart monitor line went straight, signaling that [y/n] was no longer there. I thought the doctors said it was going to be tonight! This was too early for her to leave!

I look back at [y/n]. She laid there, as if she was sleeping peacefully. She still had a smile on her face And since she didn't want anyone else to be depressed, I smiled. 

My last memory with her was my first kiss. And it's a memory that I will treasure forever. It won't slip my mind for even the slightest of second.

I brush some of her [h/c] out of her face. I was trying so hard not to fall to my knees, and cry my eyes out. I needed to make sure I didn't get sad, since [y/n] didn't want anyone to be depressed. 

About a half an hour standing next to the limp body of [y/n], I was finally forced to leave to bring her down to the morgue. After I left the hospital, I immediately ran to my home, needing to do something important.

~A Few Weeks Later~
It was now [y/n]'s funeral. Her family was there, and the other countries were there as well. They had her casket over the hole where she was going to get buried. I walked over to her, my knees shaky. 

I looked down at [y/n]. She still looked peaceful. I smiled, wiping a tear from my cheek. She still had a smile on her face on her face, which made this even harder. I brought my hands from behind my back, since I was hiding something, as if it was a surprise for her.

I lifted one of her hands, and place the item under it. I gently put her hand back down. The item was a small collage of us. Pictures from good times, and even some small items from our memories. The border was made by sakura petals, knowing how much she loved them. I worked on it for a while, and in my opinion, it was perfect. She could keep it with her, even if she wasn't here.

As they were lowering the casket, a soft breeze past by me. And I swear I could hear [y/n]'s laughter, with a voice...

I love you, Kiku! And I don't want you to be depressed! Just keep smiling for me!

And that, I will do. I will keep smiling for my dear [y/n].
This was a request from :iconhighlove10:
Yep, another story without a happy ending.. But I promise that the next one will have a happy ending! I promise!
Fail OOC Japan is a fail.. Sorry about that...
I am still taking requests.. Here is where you can get info about it: [link]

I don't own Hetalia, Japan or you. You can decide if Japan, or the Grim Reaper owns you.
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I wish I could cry myself a river and get over it but I can't T-T
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I love you author-chan/Chen for making a truly heart touching story, but... meh fells...
Alecsha Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
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i wanted to cry but my parents were home T-T Sick 
but still a great story though
minchen0897 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
this is so sad....but really well done!
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tears wut r u doin?
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This story was so sad and beautiful...T-T but it was really good, well done!
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this is amazing it almost made me cry and it takes alot to make me cry I loved this thank you so much for making this
Giggglezz Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I am so glad you liked it ^^ It's my first request story, and I wasn't too sure how to think of it. But it makes me feel a bit better that you enjoyed it~
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well it was great great great great grey great great job!!
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*hugs you* <--that is all the emotions I'm feeling in one thingie
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